Get Into It – 7 Ways to get Healthier and STAY that Way

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7E3275A9-EE7A-4628-B6D8-D04CEC7D73AEI’m not getting any younger. And at this place, I can honestly say it’s harder to fully embrace a healthier lifestyle the more years I have behind me. I mean my teenage years lied to me. They told me if I wish it, it will come (well… not boobs). My twenties lied to me. They told me minimal effort can yield maximum results. And I pretty much rebelled in my thirties because I adopted the you earned it, treat yourself mantra. Now on the very cusp of 40, I find myself chasing time down to gain a lifestyle I should’ve adopted LONG ago.

But let me share a few key ways to grab a healthy lifestyle by the neck and make it your punk.

1. Learn the Difference between Treats and Snacks.
For some reason, I hear Biggie Small’s 10 crack commandments here (number 9 should’ve been number 1). I’ve learned that snacks are the healthy in between meal choices. Treats are those one off, you’ve worked hard this week have a ding dong. But like you legit cannot have a pack of Ding Dongs every day for a snack. 310 calories of sugary destruction. Have a Honeycrisp apple instead.

2. Do it in phases
Ramp yourself up into a lifestyle. Dropping all that you know to pick up new stuff almost always ends in failing and you end up on a binge-a-thon eating ice cream naked in the mirror crying and swearing you see yourself expanding… no? just me? Well, that escalated quickly.

3. It’s gonna take longer; Keep going.
Celebrate the victories, don’t let the setbacks derail you. The older you get, the longer it takes to see progress. I personally suggest food lifestyle change and exercise combo to jumpstart what you want to see. Let’s be honest you can exercise all you want, if you’re still making poor food choices, it’s like casting pearls before swine.


4. Be Aggressive!
I know I said do things in phases but there’s a battle rhythm to that too. Push yourself to do one more rep. Commit to going to the gym three times a week (I did that). Create GOOD habits and do your very best to stick to them.

I cannot stress this enough. When I wasn’t seeing real progress after month 1, I thought “detox kid”. So, I cut out carbs and sweets for one month (NOT February).
Aside from the fact that no one was harmed from my detox, I learned HOW to really eat better, I learned that I was addicted to sugar and carbs. And I learned how to level set eating healthy. It’s really changed my outlook on good food choices. BUT…

UNDERSTAND WHAT DETOX CAN DO TO YOU and why it’s good for you
Detox, much like pretty…hurts. I feel like by the time you realize you need to detox from something, you’ve worked up at least a mild addiction to it. So cleansing yourself is key to really get a foothold on healthy lifestyle changes. To be honest I cannot consume sugar like I used too. I’ve had an adverse affect to it lately. What was once a “norm” is now way too much. But isn’t that what we want to see when we make lifestyle changes?

6. Invest in yourself – buy cute (inexpensive) workout clothes

So this worked for me.  I went to Five and Below and balled out… while it was only a $50 Haul, it was just enough to get me going to the gym consistently.  I had no excuse not to go because I had all that I needed.  Not only that, on the weeks when I wasn’t able to meet my work out goal due to ministry obligations, I didnt beat myself up either, it was win, win.


7. Realize that meal prep takes A LOT of time but it’s worth it
Let’s file this under things Pinterest never tells you but should. They’ll give you a million great ideas for food prep but they never tell you it takes your WHOLE SUNDAY. And let me be honest it does.

Invest in 5 solid recipes and 2 healthy cheats. you can alternate that for three weeks before getting tired of food choices.  And to be honest the BEST way to get a grip on calorie intake is meal prep.  That includes snacks and emergency meals too.

To date I’ve lost over 15lbs. and I’ve reached my “goal” weight.   Now I am working to maintain my health and chisel my body.  Let me know what you do or if anyof these steps work for you!


Here’s to long life and good health!


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