Change Your Blow Dryer, Change your Life! – Review of Red by Kiss Detangler 2000 Blow Dryer

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This year, I started the process of heat training my hair.  I’ve given myself blow-out before, but to be perfectly honest who has time for natural curly or natural heat trained hair (is what I said I my head and out loud to any friend who would listen)?

I mean wash day was a SMOOTH 4+ hours because detangling counts.  I’m a super happy camper with braids because… hello #gymlife.  But you can’t heat train in braids, and I’m committed to knowing how to deal with my hair so I said “Self. Take this seriously!”

I have 3C type hair that is low porosity and HIGH shrinkage.

And part of that move was realizing my old blow dryer was a part of the problem.  “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” was not the mantra for my current situation. Blow dryers have changed since I last bought one (7 years) and I needed something that could blow my hair COMPLETELY dry in under 2 hours. (I know, I know #thickhair girl problems).


RED by Kiss Detangler 2000 Ceramic Blow Dryer.


This bad boy was 24.99 at my local beauty supply store (US Hair) and I’d try the local beauty supply store before Amazon because to get it with the detangle comb attachment raised the price to $42


My previous Process:



Deep Condition


Blow Dry

Ceramic Brush





New Process:



Deep Condition


Blow Dry

Flat Iron/ Silk Press


The game changer was my new blow dryer.  Like WHO KNEW.  That jawn got me HIGHLY right in about 30-40 minutes.  Now, it wasn’t silk press straight like the box, but to go from ear skimming Afro to shoulder length blowout in that time frame and be completely dry; cut my hair time down tremendously.

I let my homegirl borrow it and she was like “yooooooo…”


This blow dryer is THE TRUTH.  With proper use, heat training has been less of a hassle.  I do this process every 2-3 weeks and have not experienced any NOTICEABLE heat damage (I’ve been doing this for about three months).  I also don’t curl or press my hair with heat every day.  Now if I could conquer this humidity…IMG_4086



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