Free Lipstick!!**Update**

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MAC is wild wack for the stunt they pulled this morning. 

I called myself getting there “early” by getting there at 9:45am. Swoop in swoop out get my lipstick maybe get a complimentary (paid of course) lip liner because I mean I just got a free lipstick right? Wrong. The line was insane. Like INSANE. But it’s MAC it’s free and it’s a large selection to chose from so… I’ll wait.

Then an (un)fortunate happenstance occurred. The line ended at the beginning allowing me to see the colors available for free.  Y’all… y’all:

This was it. This was what they had to choose from. A FAR cry from all the beautiful colors they teased on their Instagram feed. I mean I know it said selection but all of these colors look the same. I was like (#throwback) “thank you based god for letting me see this foolery here at MAC today.” Still of fan of MAC. NOT a fan of the shenanigans. 

Well it’s #NationalLipstickDay and true to form MAC is re-emerging as a heavy hitter.  Not that MAC hasn’t ALWAYS produced high quality makeup, however the emerging of lower cost products with comparable quality has clearly given the more high end brands a run for their money.  Their #Lipslipslips campaign has been blessing us all summer.  But I don’t see anyone doing this.  I tell you what… I choose free lipstick over free shipping any day!

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 4.04.46 AM

So here is the rundown:

  1. You don’t need to buy ANYTHING to get a free lipstick!
  2. It’s first come for serve while supplies last.
  3. It’s in person NOT online
  4. From what I’ve researched, much like the campaign last month, there is a special selection of lipstick that you choose from.

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 4.06.23 AM

Fingers crossed to some dope colors that I don’t already own!! Makes sure to get out today and get you one! Tag me on IG with your purchase & a kiss face! @fashionunder50


MAC Lipstick 💄 Sale 6/21 – 6/25

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I see you 👀 MAC. It’s not even National Lipstick Day and you’re out here trying to keep up with the jonses.  I’m TOTALLY not mad at MAC’s current buy 2 Lip products get one free lipstick deal and you shouldn’t be either. 

But here are the details:

It’s not buy 2 lip PRODUCTS get ANY 3rd lipstick free, you only have 6 lipstick colors to choose from.

AND… In store varies from online (sad 🐼).

I went in for the color Barbecue but actual MAC locations (Columbus, OH) only had Mangrove. Two totally different colors, both bright but different. Also once they sell out of the free color, it’s gone. And they are not swapping a similar color. They have special product to (my guess is) ensure no shrinkage during this promotion.

Call ahead. I had to go to two locations and wait like a half hour just for the free lipstick and switch up my purchase options… 😒.  It might sound like a hassle, but IRL it’s not if you have the time and were gonna kill time some other way (that involved spending your hard earned coins). #Mineaswell ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

All & all, I’m pleased and so much so that I figured it’s worth he sharing!